• Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Family Resource Programs

    Bringing Families Together
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Family Resource Programs

    Bringing Families Together
About Us

About Us

Who We Are

The Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Family Resource Programs (NLFRP) was formed in 1999 and incorporated in 2000. Membership is open to all family resource programs operating in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Membership consists of non-profit, community-based organizations working with young children, families and caregivers to enhance strengths to build community capacity and promote health families.

The purposes of the NLFRP are to:

  • Provide family resource programs with a forum wherein members can network, share ideas, resources and problem-solve on a regular basis.
  • Keep abreast of current issues relevant to the Provincial Association and to provide direction and expertise regarding the same.
  • Facilitate applicable research initiatives relating to the health and well-being of young children and their families.
  • Assist in identifying and facilitating training and professional development opportunities for its members.
  • Provide policy guidelines for standards and consistency among programs.
  • Coordinate fundraising activities for the general purpose of the Corporation.
  • To receive, accumulate, maintain a fund and apply for funding for furtherance of the general purposes of the Corporation.
  • Participate in activities, which the Corporation, in its discretion, deems to be in its best interest.
  • Operate on a non-profit basis.


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Contact Us

Contact Us

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The Tree House Family Resource Centre
Contact Person: Myrna Moss
1 Poplar Road
Deer Lake, NL A8A 1Z3
Telephone: 635-5808
Fax: 635-5812
Email: treehouse-ed@nf.aibn.com

Community Action Committee for Southwestern Newfoundland
Contact Person: Bernice Hancock
31-37 Gallant Street
P.O. Box 421
Stephenville, NL A2N 2Z5
Telephone: 643-5399                         
Fax: 643-5490
Email : bhancock.cen@gmail.com

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